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Early Signs of Pest Problems:

Before you can think about how to get rid of bedbugs or bed bug treatments, you first have to identify that you have these dirty little creatures living in your home. An early warning sign that you will notice first, most likely, is the bites themselves.

Bed bugs leave trails of bites across the body as they crawl along and feed on your blood. These bed bug bites will appear as small red bumps, but the telltale sign that the bumps are caused by bed bugs specifically is the line they create. You can almost follow the path that the bugs travel across your torso or limbs by a line of bite after bite.

Also, another warning sign is small red blotchy spots on your sheets or mattress. These reddish-brown colored spots are caused by the excretions from the bugs after they feed on your blood and pass it from their system. These spots will grow in number by the day and will quickly become noticeable because of the number of splotches you see as the infestation of bed bugs grows and multiplies.

Next, before you can consider termite treatments and how to kill termites, you have to identify their presence. Termites you will notice first by a few unique methods. If you see a white looking ant or ants crawling around inside your home, this is an immediate sign of termites because there are no white ants.

The next way to identify a termite problem is by flying insects appearing inside your home. They will usually take flight after rain and more often in spring than any other season for most termite species. These flying insects can be termites searching for a mate to set up a new colony of their own somewhere else in your home after they have fully matured in an established colony you may not have even been aware of.

Another sign you may notice is the sound of a colonized nest. You can hear them feeding and moving around inside your walls, especially as the nest grows in size and numbers. Then, a fourth sign that you may have a termite problem and need the services of a good exterminator is that you notice doors or windows becoming tighter and more difficult to open and close. This is caused by the warping of wood created by feeding termite colonies.

Finally, a certain sign that you have a pest issue is droppings. You may notice small black dots on your floor or the appearance of extra dusty looking areas. These can be signs of fecal matter that gets pushed out of the colonies by worker termites who are just doing a housecleaning of their own.

Any of these signs are an immediate cause for concern and you should call up some local pest control services to come in and begin doing inspections of your home. They will find where the problem areas are and make a game plan for exterminating your pest issues. There are distinct ways to eliminate bed bugs and kill termites, and these professionals will know what the best methods are to use and approach your specific infestation or problem.  

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